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Patient stories

Bismarck stories


Family time now means fit time
Parents see significant results following weight-loss surgery

Matt and Kristen Sperry saw their two young sons developing their same sedentary habits, and it helped spur them to action. See how this couple benefitted from weight-loss surgery and learned to create health habits as a family.
Read their story »


Listen to your heart
Innovative technology helps diagnose and treat Guardsman's heart pain

National Guardsman Jeffrey Newton is learning to pay closer attention to his heart disease.
Read Jeffrey's story »


Doctor reaches out to kids

Dr. Jill Klemin is taking time this spring to visit local schools.
Read the story »


A real difference—maker
Hearing aids help woman stay involved

Barbara Wright was hesitant at first to get hearing aids. After wearing them since 1976, though, she can't imagine life without them.
Read Barbara's story »


Back so soon?

Joel Maixner was back selling real estate the same week he had his thymus removed at Sanford Health.
Read Joel's story »


Safe at home
Rehab helps Williston woman recover after stroke

Helen Millette undergoes rehabilitation with Dr. Douglas Eggert, rehabilitation specialist, at Sanford Health.
Read Helen's story »


A race with only winners
Families benefit big time from annual event

Thanks to funds raised through the Sanford Health Great American Bike Race, Tyler Schwab can experience riding a bike with his father, Mike.
Read Tyler's story »


A silent threat
Woman's small symptoms sign of serious issue

Elaine Pfaff has incorporated exercise into her routine following a heart scare
Read Elaine's story »


'She's not stopping'
Toddler gets moving after physical therapy

After six weeks of therapy at Sanford Rehabilitation Center, Kassy Hojian is able to walk and run like most children her age.
Read Kassy's story »


Back in action
Innovative disk surgery helps Mandan man overcome back pain

An innovative back surgery procedure offered at Sanford Health helped Dan Rodgers get back to the things he loves—including biking, golf and fishing—as well as winter chores like shoveling snow.
Read Dan's story »


Innovative therapy helps toddler swallow trouble-free

With help from Sanford Health Speech Pathologist, Tracey Lockrem, and an innovative treatment called VitalStim, Addison Ereth has been able to overcome swallowing troubles that once hampered her ability to eat.
Read Addison's story »


Sleep apnea treatment improves overall health

After learning they suffered from the same sleeping disorder—sleep apnea—Sarah and Greg Stiefel both sleep better with the help of a sleep therapy device called continuous postitive airway pressure, or CPAP.
Read Sarah and Greg's story »


Hear what you're missing

After enduring hearing loss for most of her life, Peggy Shireley said her decision to use a hearing aid has had a positive impact on her professional and personal activities.
Read Peggy's story »


Great American Bike Race
The race where everyone wins

John Cicha has benefited from specialized equipment thanks to the Sanford Health Great American Bike Race.
Read John's story »


On the road again
Bismarck man rediscovers hobby after innovative surgery

Before surgery on his neck, Patrick Conmy stopped riding his motorcycle because he couldn’t grip the handlebars.
Read Patrick's story »


Small changes, big relief
Chiropractor's treatment helps woman overcome back pain

After receiving treatment and education from Dr. Jeff Askew, Kathy Miiller is free of constant back pain.
Read Kathy's story »


Continuing education
Sanford Diabetes Center helps family manage diabetes

Three of the four children in the Olson family have diabetes, and the Sanford Diabetes Center has helped the entire group manage the disease.
Read the Olson's story »


Preventive testing pays off big for police chief

Dennis Bullinger, chief of the Mandan Police Department, had bypass surgery that likely prevented a major heart attack.
Read Dennis' story »


A cause close to home
GABR funds benefit Watford City family

With her new Walkabout gait trainer, Sierra Frick is more independent.
Read Sierra's story »


Treating lymphedema
Sanford Health program features certified lymphedema therapists

Lymphedema caused Carol Jacobson’s right arm to swell to nearly twice its normal size. Sanford Health’s lymphedema treatment program helped eliminate the swelling and home care has helped Jacobson prevent a relapse.
Read Carol's story »


Then and now
Innovative treatments make managing diabetes easier

Jim Ferder, who was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 50 years ago, said innovative treatment options like his insulin pump make managing the chronic illness much easier.
Read Jim's story »


Miss ND makes holiday visits to Children's Hospital

Even with her preparations for the upcoming Miss America pageant reaching high gear, Walker took time to pay a holiday visit to children Thursday, Dec. 22, at Sanford Children’s Hospital.
Read the story »


Walking tall
Innovative leg treatment helps high school athlete overcome disability

Despite a disability that causes walking difficulties, Christopher Kennedy plays football and baseball for the Harvey High School Hornets.
Read Christopher's story »


Sports physicals
Student athlete exams now required annually

The North Dakota High School Activities Association now requires student athletes to complete a sports physical exam annually. The exams can be scheduled anytime between June 15 and before an athlete starts practice.
Read the story »


Doctor and nurse celebrate milestone together

Dr. Shari Orser and Jenna McBride work together at Sanford Health. McBride’s son, Brooks, was Dr. Orser’s 3,500th baby.
Read their story »


Babies get special visitor

On Tuesday, Dec. 20, Jolly Old St. Nicholas took time out of his busy holiday schedule to visit babies and their siblings while posing for pictures at Sanford Health’s Well Baby Clinic outside the Birth Center.
Read the story »


Beating a silent killer
Montana woman's aneurysm caught and repaired

Sharon Smelser of Sidney, Mont., chose Sanford Health and Dr. Sean Russell when she developed heart problems.
Read Sharon's story »


Advanced CT technology saves Bismarck woman's life

Connie Ness of Bismarck is back to doing what she loves, thanks to the most advanced CT scanner in the world—Aquilion ONE, which is available at Sanford Health.
Read Connie's story »


Back in the saddle
Tuttle woman recovers from bone-crushing accident

Thanks to the innovative emergency, surgery and rehabilitation services at Sanford Health, Jennifer Livingston was able to overcome life-threatening injuries that resulted from a farming accident.
Read Jennifer's story »


Fast-thinking co-workers save Bismarck woman

While taking an exam, Arden Boxer suffered a stroke that left her unable to walk on her own. Thanks to fast thinking by a co-worker and expert care at Sanford Health, Boxer progressed from using a wheelchair to walking on her own.
Read Arden's story »


Back on his feet
Hydrotherapy helps Bismarck man recover from traumatic injuries

Jamie Crane, a Sanford Health physical therapist, works with Esley Thorton in Sanford Health’s rehabilitation pool. The water’s buoyancy is helping Thorton, who was injured in a car accident, regain his ability to walk.
Read Esley's story »


Making broken hearts whole again
Innovative heart procedure fixes hole in the heart

Thanks to an innovative heart procedure to repair the hole in her heart, Tracy Zeeb is back doing the things she loves including raising Black Angus cattle.
Read Tracy's story »


Healing hands and healing bandages
Sanford Health's lymphedema expertise helps Carson woman

Violet Fuchs developed lymphedema—swelling in her legs—after winning her battle with cancer. To minimize the swelling, Fuchs uses compression techniques she learned from Sanford Health's lymphedema therapist Jessie Markovic.
Read Violet's story »


At ease behind the wheel
Driver rehabilitation program helps driver overcome disability

Debbie Opp's prosthetic leg once made driving nearly impossible. Today she is able to drive her own car with ease thanks to therapy provided by Sanford Health's Driver Rehab program.
Read Debbie's story »


In her honor
Arizona man's donation honors his wife's work
as a nurse and nursing teacher

To honor the memory of his wife, Vivian, a lifelong nurse, Hank Swierenga gave a charitable annuity to the Sanford College of Nursing.
Read Hank's story »


Moving from tantrums to words to hugs
Therapy helps Bismarck boy develop communication, social skills

Sanford Health therapists helped Nathan Dressler overcome anti-social behaviors such as avoiding eye contact and human touch.
Read Nathan's story »


Stronger by the day
Woman turns to exercise after early osteoporosis diagnosis

Cazanne Fitterer has used bone-strengthening activities like weight-lifting to
overcome osteoporosis.
Read Cazanne's story »


Long road to recovery
Sanford Health's surgical team helps
New York motorcyclist survive I-94 crash

After surviving a life-threatening motorcycle accident while riding through North Dakota in 2009, New Yorker Bill Rauschenberg has worked hard to regain his physical health.
Read Bill's story »


Innovation at work
Doctor finds and removes hard-to-reach polyp without major surgery

A polyp in Susan Thompson's intestine was removed via an innovative procedure at Sanford Health. The painless procedure was, in Thompson's words, "A piece of cake."
Read Susan's story »


'Better than Christmas'
GABR a thrill for everyone involved, and a huge help to families

Faith Bousfield looks forward to Christmas, but she’s even more excited for an annual event that her mom says is “better than Christmas” for Faith.
Read Faith's story »


Welcome relief
Allergies no longer control woman's life thanks to allergy shots

Lana Bergmann used to suffer allergy symptoms year round, but she found relief from an allergy-shot regimen and now can spend time outside without worrying about the allergen level.
Read Lana's story »


Team approach pays off
Family, healthcare team help girl manage diabetes

Physical activity such as ice skating helps Kaycee Verlinde manage her type 1 diabetes.
Read Kaycee's story »


Teacher aces test
Free injury screening puts woman on fast track to recovery

Sixth-grade teacher Kathy Kindschi took advantage of Sanford Health Sports Medicine's free injury screening and now is back playing the sport she loves.
Read Kathy's story »


Sweet-sounding success
Woman back on her feet after rehabilitation

After around six weeks of rehabilitation at Sanford Health, Alice Iszler is back home and back playing piano at church and in weddings.
Read Alice's story »


Sound of silence
Bismarck man overcomes sudden hearing loss by reacting quickly

Thomas Nemeth's temporary hearing loss was restored thanks to quick action by Sanford Health doctors.
Read Thomas's story »


Quitters can win
Heart attack provides wake-up call,
forces 37-year-old to give up smoking

To reduce her risk of suffering another heart attack, Raquel Richter quit smoking, started eating better and now exercises on a regular basis.
Read Raquel's story »


Long road home
Near-fatal accident robs man of vision but not zeal for living

No longer able to see after a near-fatal accident. Vince Ulstad uses his computer to help communicate.
Read Vince's story »


Lessons re-learned
Therapy at Mandan Living Center helps woman
regain independence after stroke

A stroke threatened to take away Celia Kuntz's independence, but the rehabilitation services she received helped her return to apartment living.
Read Celia's story »


Innovation close to home
Doctor catches, treats elusive tumor

After multiple bouts of intestinal bleeding, Gene Baker found relief from innovative treatment at Sanford Health.
Read Gene's story »


Good call, Sis
Sanford Health provides help with nursing student's tuition

It didn't take Lindsey Kary long to realize she made the right decision by following her sister's advice.
Read Lindsey's story »


Team approach pays off

After he had reconstructive surgery at Sanford Health, Evan Peske’s parents sometimes have to remind themselves that Evan was born with a cleft lip.
Read Evan's story »


A group that sweats together sees results together

“If something is tough when I work out on my own, I sometimes don’t do it. With the group, I push through it because the other women are there going through it with me.”
Read about Adventure Fit Camp »


'I can do things again'
Neck surgery eases patient's pain

Erin Wooten is thankful she can lift weights again following neck surgery at Sanford Health.
Read Erin's story »


Hearing is believing

When Teresa Bauer left her audiologist’s office wearing her new open-fit hearing aids nearly two years ago, she was overcome with emotion.
Read Teresa's story »


A culinary challenge
Family adjusts to help son manage celiac disease

“I never noticed any problems, but in retrospect, T.J. did have a lot of digestive issues,” said Tara, a special education teacher. “Now that he’s eating gluten free, he rarely complains of a stomachache.
Read T.J.'s story »


A new view on women's surgery

Roberta Stacey experienced minimal pain and returned to work two weeks after having a hysterectomy using da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery.
Read Roberta's story »


Robotic-assisted surgery helps man fly through recovery

After a radical prostatectomy using robotic-assisted surgery, Marc Taylor needed to wait only two weeks to get back in the air.
Read Marc's story »


Back-to-school special
Innovative procedure gets teacher back into classroom on time

Darlene Bondley underwent a CT scan of her abdomen to check for possible kidney stones and ended up finding out she had a mass on her lung.
Read Darlene's story »
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