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  Sanford Downtown Walk-in Clinic
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  Sanford Health Walk-in Clinic
Serving all ages
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Sanford Same Day Surgery

Before surgery
Day of surgery
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To expedite surgery preparations, print and fill out this health history form and bring it with you the day of your surgery. Click here to download

Food and drink

  • Do not eat large meals or fried or fatty foods eight (8) hours before surgery.
  • You may drink small amounts of the following liquids up to two (2) hours before surgery:
    -Clear fruit juice (apple, grape, cranberry)
    -Black coffee
    -Kool-aid or Popsicles
    -Jell-o, plain, no fruit added
    -Pop or soda of any kind
    -Fat-free bouillon

After this time do not eat or drink anything.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 12 hours before arrival.
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco after midnight the day of your surgery.


Calling Same Day Surgery

When you call Same Day Surgery the day before surgery, tell the nurse if you take any herbal products, dietary supplements or any medicine for:
  • Blood pressure
  • Lungs
  • Seizures
  • Heart
  • Diabetes
  • Interfering with blood clotting, such as:
    -Coumadin (Warfin)
    -Ibuprofen (Advil/Motrin)
    -Plaxil (clopidogrel)

Please be aware that there may be emergencies or changes in the surgery schedule that could put your surgery either ahead or behind the scheduled time. We appreciate your understanding when schedule changes have to be made.

Please be aware that certain questions will be asked several times to verify that the information we have is correct. We appreciate your patience, as this is necessary.


Medications and supplements

If you are taking any medicines that interfere with blood clotting, talk with your doctor. These medicines may need to be stopped several days before surgery.

If you are using any herbal products or dietary supplements, stop taking them two weeks before your surgery, unless your doctor tells you to keep taking them. There are no regulations regarding the purity of herbal products and not all ingredients may be listed on the label. Herbal products have side effects and interactions that may cause complications and interfere with the healing process.

After considering all the medicines you are taking, the nurse will tell you which ones you should take the morning of the surgery.

  • Do not take diuretics (water pills) the morning of surgery.
  • Do not take any insulin the morning of surgery. We will check your blood sugar when you arrive. Discuss taking your insulin with the nurse the day before surgery.

You may bring your home medications with you to the hospital. Let your nurse know when you check in that you have brought your medications from home. Please tell the nurse if you wish to have medications given from your own supply. Your medications must be in the original prescription bottles so they can be easily identified by your nurse or pharmacist. Please note: Medicare patients must bring all medications.


Bathing and toiletries

It is very important for you to bathe or shower the night before or morning of your surgery. Do not use any lotion after your bath or shower. Your skin needs to be very clean to help prevent any infection. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and remove all makeup, including eye makeup, nail polish and lipstick.

If you wear contact lenses, bring your solution and cases for them. You will be asked to remove them before surgery. You may want to bring your glasses with you to wear after surgery.


Please leave all valuables, jewelry, credit cards and cash at home.



You must arrange for a ride home. You may not drive yourself home after surgery. You may not drive for 24 hours after surgery. A bus or taxi may be taken only if a responsible adult is with you to accompany you home.

A responsible adult should remain with you for 24 hours after surgery and should care for small children during that time.


Blood donation

If you need blood and want to donate blood for your own use, please plan ahead. You can not donate blood at the hospital the day before or the day of surgery.

How do I know if I will need blood?

Your doctor can tell you.

Doesn?t the hospital provide blood?

Blood is collected, tested and distributed by United Blood Services, 517 S. Seventh St., Bismarck, 258-4512. This is the only agency prepared to collect blood.

How do I arrange to donate blood for my own use?

Tell your doctor. Both of you need to fill out requests with United Blood Services. A handling fee will be charged.

When should I donate blood for my own use?

Donate at least three working days before your surgery but no earlier than 34 days before your surgery.

What if a family member or a friend wants to donate blood for my use?

Tell your doctor and fill out the requests with United Blood Services. Blood donations must be made at least three working days before your surgery. A handling fee will be charged.


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