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Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinic:


Quick results, convenience, cost savings and more

Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinics with their three locations, on-site services, return-to-work and stay-at-work philosophy, customizable programs, fast access to injury reporting and comprehensive workplace medicine expertise translate into one simple phrase: The ultimate in client satisfaction.

Read here what some of our clients had to say about how we save them money, save them time, reduce worker injuries, improve worker health which reduces sickness and absenteeism, and customize our programs to meet their needs:

For Westcon Industries, the onsite respiratory clearance exams were about more than just convenience.

Westcon Industries use Sanford Health Occupational Health Clinic "The biggest benefit to having these exams done at the job site was logistics," said Jeff Rust, Westcon safety director. "There was no delay in getting the test results, so as soon as the employees passed, we could do a fit test and they could start working. It was also a cost savings, and in the event of an exposure, we had immediate access to the baseline records to assess treatment."


Basin Electric Power Cooperative's Physical Demand Assessment program prevents injuries by teaching employees to work smart and stay strong.

Basin Electric Power Cooperative uses Sanford Health Occupational Health Clinic "I would encourage other companies to become involved in this type of program," said Lynn Beiswanger, BEPC transmission system maintenance safety coordinator. "Do it because you want to provide your employees with the opportunity to understand the physical nature of the work they do, the proper work positions they can use to lessen the strain on themselves by understanding the body mechanics and ergonomics of what they do, and the advantages of incorporating a pre-job stretching program tailored to your employee's work classifications. It's a good deal both for the company and for employees."


WBI Holdings keeps employees' work environment safe with employee drug testing

WBI Holdings uses Sanford Health Occupational Health Clinic's drug testing program. "Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinic has been our third-party administrator for DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing since 2008," said Sandy Kramer, WBI safety administrator. "It's a big time-saver for us and we really appreciate their service and expert knowledge. We rely heavily on them, not only to take care of this for us, but to also keep us up-to-date on the ongoing changes in DOT drug and alcohol requirements for employees."


Clinic's services meet and exceed Helmerich & Payne Drilling's expectations

Helmerich & Payne Drilling says the Sanford Health Occupational Health Clinic exceeds their expectations "The clinic meets all of our occupational Medicine needs. It is a walk-in clinic for injury care, and it's available when a company needs it most. The nurse practitioner is very interested in the health of our employees, and the staff is very friendly and up front. In the past, I had to coordinate occupational Medicine services in other states, and many providers don't take the time to understand what we do. Sanford Health Occupational Medicine Clinic understands our health needs and takes care of them all under one roof. Besides service, flexibility is also the key to meeting our needs. The clinic is very willing to come to us and provide services. All of these things make a huge difference in an industry that does not sleep and has employees who are continually changing shifts," said James Sharp, H&P health, safety and environment specialist.


Bismarck Public Schools uses injury prevention programs to improve safety and well-being

Bismarck Public Schools uses Sanford Health Occupational Health Clinic's injury prevention program to improve safety and well being. "We've caught five or six very serious health issues among our staff [using wellness screenings]," said Greg Busch, BPS district safety coordinator. "One man had very high blood pressure; he went straight from the screening to see his doctor. He recently passed his second screening with flying colors and is very thankful it was caught. Without a doubt, three to four years from now I expect our claims will be down and we will have avoided some catastrophic injuries,"
Busch said.