Employee assistance program-frequently asked questions


1. How do I know if my EAP benefits are through Sanford Health?
Ask your human resources office or call 800.526.8648 ext. 8879 for confirmation.

2. Will my employer know if I use the EAP benefit?
NO. We do not release information about your receiving services to anyone unless you authorize it in writing.

3. How much will it cost?
Your employer pays for the EAP benefit. There is no cost to you as the employee.

4. How many sessions am I allowed?
Most of our client companies contract for three (3) sessions per family member, per issue, per year. However there are some that contract for six (6) or eight (8) sessions. Contact us at 800.526.8648 ext. 8879 or 701.323.8879 to check what you are eligible for.

5. What happens if the problem still exists after my eligible sessions?
Additional counseling services may be covered through your insurance. If not other payment options may be explored with your counseling provider.

6. Who in my family is covered for EAP services?
Yourself, as the eligible employee, your spouse, any children that are single and still financially dependent on you, and any other dependents that you are legally responsible for.

7. Is Sanford Health Mental Health the only place I can receive services?
No. We have a statewide provider network. If this listing is not available through your workplace please call 800.526.8648 ext. 8879 or 701.323.8879 for names and phone numbers.

8. Can I call the counselor directly to set the appointment?
If that counselor is already a part of our provider network—YES—you can schedule directly with them. No prior approval is needed.


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