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Sanford Health Dakota Children's Advocacy Center:



Advocacy focuses on the needs of the children and non-offending caregiver(s), providing needed support, referrals and information along with a compassionate, listening ear. The goal of advocacy is to help the family navigate the system while supporting them through a difficult time.

Where will advocacy occur?

Advocacy services may occur in multiple ways. It may occur at the DCAC, located at 200 E. Main Ave. #301, Bismarck, N.D., over the phone or by accompanying a family to court.

How does advocacy happen?

Staff at the DCAC will visit with the non offending caregiver to offer services, education, and support and provide a listening ear. When appropriate they will conduct an in depth assessment which will help us determine appropriate services for the family. The DCAC offers a variety of resources to support children and families in crisis.

Advocacy may include but is not limited to:

  • Crisis intervention and support
  • Attendance of interviews and case review
  • Greeting and orientation of children to the DCAC
  • Education regarding the coordinated multidisciplinary team response
  • Education regarding child abuse, signs of trauma, parenting and self care
  • Providing updates to the family on the case
  • Assessment of the child’s/family’s attitudes and feelings about the case
  • Provision of court education/support/accompaniment
  • Working with the team to secure transportation to interviews, court, treatment and other case-related meetings
  • Assistance in procuring concrete services (food, crime victims compensation, transportation, etc.)
  • Providing referrals for Sanford Behavorial Health and medical treatment
  • Providing information on the rights of a crime victim

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